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Congratulations to all the hackers that worked really had the entire weekend and created amazing projects. All the submissions are here.

June 1 at 1:50 PM EDT

CasperLabs is building a decentralized Layer 1 Blockchain that implements the CBC-Casper proof-of-stake protocol. CasperLabs is Building the future of decentralization.

June 1 at 11:00 AM EDT

Join Vitalik Buterin and Ben Goertzel, two innovators, on enthralling discussion on the future of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain

Moderated by Toronto Sun Editor-In-Chief Adrienne Batra

June 1 at 7:00 PM EDT

Join Vitalik Buterin for his version of blockchain and the future of Ethereum

June 1 at 2:30 PM EDT

Join Medha, CryptoChick, and Michael, Lead Developer, for a Live Demo of Casper pre-release software. You will vote live on the CasperLabs blockchain and have a chance to win exciting prizes. Watch as nodes spun up all over the world, form a network, accept your votes and show the resulting chain.



    a 3 day event that consists of:

✩ A World Championship for Women & Youth in Tech

✩ An Educational Conference For All

We bring together the TOP Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, leaders, mentors and advisors to educate and inspire our builders and hackers. Take on a new challenge, unlock new skills and make life long connections in our fun, educational environment!


DAY 1 – FRIDAY MAY 31 (6 PM – 10:30 PM)

6 -7 PMConference registration and dinner
7:00 PMOpening keynote from CryptoChicks Worldwide (Canada, USA, Switzerland, Bahamas, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan)
7:25 PMCryptoChicks Toronto Hackathon 2018 winners on their journey over the last year (Ananya Chadha, Gangeet Kaur)
7:35 PMAlexander Peh and Jules Andrews of RBC on The unexpected possibilities for blockchain
8:05 PMOksana Davis of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, and Mahdi Alirezaie
of Microsoft on Setting the Standard: Blockchain and the Coming Token-Powered Economy
8:25 PMIliana Oris Valiente of Accenture
8:40 PMAmeer Rosic of BlockGeeks on Crazy People building crazy things
9 – 10:30 pmNetworking Cocktail Reception – Open bar and Live music

DAY 2 – SATURDAY JUNE 1 (9 AM – 8:45 PM)

Business PresentationsDeveloper Workshops
8:30 – 10:00 AMConference registration and breakfast
10:00 AMConference Opening Remarks9:30 AMRamy Zhang of TKS on Unlocking the Internet with Web 3.0
10:05 AMDanny Brown Wolf of ORBS on Proof of Stake Models and Architectures10:05 AMNoah Marconi of Tag Innovation on Smart Contract Upgrade Strategies
10:20 AMKelly LeValley Hunt on Monetization of Products to Attain Financial Stability and Growth10:35 AMChelsea Palmer on Get Good: Design Concerns for Cryptoeconomic Games
10:40 AMAlex Tinsman of NEM on A New Security Token Wave
11:00 AMPanel: Blockchain and AI – Two Faces Of The Same Coin (Vitalik Buterin and Ben Goertzel – moderator Adrienne Batra)
11:50 AMRahilla Zafar of ConsenSys on Women Pioneering the Blockchain Industry
12:00 PMLunch
12:30:00 PMErick Pinos of Ontology on Better dApp User Experiences on Ontology
1:00 PMAaron Grinhaus of Grinhaus Law Firm on A Practical Overview of the Taxation of Digital Assets1:00 PMDennison Bertram of Zeppelin Solutions on Building upgradable Smart Contracts with ZeppelinOS
1:20 PMKevin Weiler on XYO: Chaining the world together1:30 PM – 1:45 PMAlishba Imran of TKS on Coding a DApp for Social Good
1:45 PMPanel: Blockchain Scalability Debate (Vitalik Buterin and Vlad Zamfir – moderator Steven Nerayoff)
2:30 PMCasperLabs Live Demo – Who do you think Satoshi is? Live voting (Medha Parkilar and Michael Birch)2:40 PMNEM Workshop
2:50 PMJesse Lancaster of Polymath on the Purpose Built: The Future of Security Tokens3:10 PMPhillip Lorenzo of XYO on Geospacial XYO functionality intergation into Ethereum Smart Contracts
3:10 PMUla Lachovicz of Neufund on A blockchain journey to reality3:40 PMMatthew Ikle of SingularityNET on Hands-on development on SingularityNET
3:25 PMStani Kulechov of ConsenSys on The Role of Stablecoins in Decentralized Finance4:10 PMMatias Nisenson of Experimental on Blockchain games are not a game
3:45 PMJen Nolan of IBM on Making an Impact: Lessons Learned Applying AI to the Mental Wellness Domain4:40 PMMarguerite DeCourcelle and Ben Heidorn of Blockade Games on Building a Next-Generation Mainstream Blockchain Game
4:05 PMAna Andrianova of Akropolis on Real-world applications: lessons for DAO design and governance from co-operatives and mutuals5:10 PMJerry Qian of Bitcoin Bay on Bitcoin Apps Development
4:25 PMToni Caradonna of Porini Foundation on Crossboarder Donations – a prototype for WWF5:40 PMNiloo Ravaei of Hello Iris on Building a Dating App using Blockchain and AI
4:35 PMPanel: Fintech – Yes or No for Blockchain (Stani Kulechov (AAVE), Kevin Liu (BUMO), Vansa Chatikavanij (OmiseGO), Erick Pinos(Ontology); Moderator: Medha Parkilar)
5:20 PMVictor Cucos of 3Commas Capital Inc. on Managing Crypto Assets
5:40 PMRyan Zurrer of Web3 Foundation on The State of Web3
6:00 PMDinner
6:30 PMVisit sponsor booth
7:00 PMVitalik Buterin on Ethereum Gift to The World
7:40 PMWoman of The Year Award!!! – sponsored by Ontology
7:50 PMLucia Gallardo of Emerge on Blockchain for Refugees7:50 PMJesse Abramowitz of BlockX Labs on Substrate and Polkadot. Moving From Smart Contracts to Parachains
8  – 8:40 PMPanel: Blockchain Laws and Regulations – ICO and Quadriga Postfactum (Daniel Fuke (FASKEN),  Ryan Zurrer (Web3 Foundation), Mel Vera (BEN) ,Ameer Rosic (BlockGeeks), Moderator: Toni Caradonna)
8:40  – 11:00 PMVIP Party

DAY 3 – SUNDAY JUNE 2 (9 AM – 7 PM)

8:30 – 10:30 AMConference registration and breakfast
10:00 AMConference Opening Remarks
10:05 AMRahul Raina of Microsoft on Microsoft’s AI & Blockchain Strategy for Enterprise
10:20 AMIrina Lebedeva of TeamKraft on How to build meaningful blockchain products that survive turbulent times
10:25 AMJefferson Gardner of InBridge on The Unintentional Imitation: Our Future Systems
10:40 AMJoshua Gans of Rotman School of Management on Smart Contracting Economics
11:00 AMAkeem Gardner of Atlas 365 on Blockchain and Hemp For Social Impact
11:20 AMTracy Leparulo of Untraceable
11:30 AMWilliam Mougayar of Token Summit on The Future of Token Models in Decentralization
11:50 AMBen Goertzel of SingularityNet with the Social Robot Sophia AI on Blockchain
12:30pm – 1:15pm

Pizza Lunch and

The Gaming Panel from the Gaming Experts –Blockade Games, CryptoMibsExperimental, Hedgie, and Pikachu AI Robot

Moderator: Chelsea Palmer

1:15 PMHarshita Arora on Journey From Learning to Code to an Acquisition – Judging Opening
1:30 PM – 6:45 PMHackathon projects presentations on stage
7:00 PM – 7:30 PMAwards and appreciation
7:30 PM – 8:00 PMClosing Remarks

Also: “Crypto Fun” Game Room!!!




This competition is accessible to all ages and expertise levels and covers two tracks: business and tech. Sign up as a team or as an individual.


Our sponsors and partners provide free online Live Workshops for our hackathon participants prior to the hackathon:


10:00 AMCrypto Fun Opening Remarks
10:15 AMFun Blockchain introduction and CryptoWhales Demo
10:25 AMCryptoWhales Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
11:00 AMCryptoMibs Demo
11:15 AMCryptoMibs Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
11:50 AMHedgie Demo
12:05 PMHedgie Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
12:30 PM

NEM Crypto Pizza Camp

Gaming Panel ( CryptoMibs, Hedgie,Blockade Games and Pickachu!!! )

1:00 PMTalk to the Live Pickachu – Inventor: Ananya Chadha
1:30 PMFun Blockchain introduction and CryptoWhales presentation
1:40 PMCryptoWhales Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
2:20 PMXYO COIN collect and exchange for merchandise demo
2:50 PMXYO COIN Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
3:30 PMBlockade Games Demo
3:45 PMBlockade Games Games Tournament; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
4:15 PMCryptoMibs Demo
4:25 PMCryptoMibs Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
4:55 PMHedgie Demo
5:05 PMHedgie Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
5:30 PMAll Games Tournament – prizes for winners; Private demos at the game tables: CryptoWhales , CryptoMibs, Hedgie, XYO COIN, Blockade Games
6:00 PMPrizes and closing

***Limited Number of Family Day tickets.

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Foundation 🇨🇭

Dr. Ben Goertzel

SingularityNET CEO 🇭🇰

Alex Tinsman

NEM Foundation President 🇺🇸

William Mougayar

Token Summit Founder 🇨🇦

Vlad Zamfir

Ethereum and CasperLabs, Researcher 🇺🇸

Jules Andrew

Royal Bank of Canada 🇨🇦

Oksana Davis

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 🇺🇸

Mahdi Alirezaie

Microsoft 🇨🇦

Steven Nerayoff

CasperLabs 🇺🇸

Anastasia Andrianova

Akropolis CEO 🇬🇧

Stani Kulechov


Iliana Orsi Valiente

Accenture 🇨🇦

Ryan Zurrer

WEB3 Foundation🇨🇦

Daniel Fuke

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin 🇨🇦

Phillip Lorenzo

XYO 🇺🇸

Jennifer Nolan

IBM Cognitive Architect 🇨🇦

Kelly Levalley Hunt

BlockApps 🇺🇸

Vansa Chatikavanij

OmiseGO 🇹🇭

Rahilla Zafar

Consensys 🇺🇸

Lucia Gallardo

Emerge CEO 🇨🇦

Marguerite DeCourcelle

Neon District 🇨🇦

Rachel Siegel

Crypto Finally 🇺🇸

Harshita Arora

Harshita Apps 🇺🇸

Kevin Liu


Artur Gontijo

SingularityNET 🇭🇰

Tracy Leparulo

Untraceable 🇨🇦

Joshua Gans

Rotman School of Management, UofT 🇨🇦

Dennison Bertram

Zeppeline Solutions 🇺🇸

Matias Nisenson

Experimental 🇺🇸

Gungeet Kaur

Envirochix 🇨🇦

Danny Brown Wolf


Ula Lachowicz

NeuFund 🇩🇪

Akeem Gardner

Atlas 365 🇨🇦

Niloo Ravaei

BlockGeeks 🇨🇦

Aaron Grinhaus

Grinhaus Law 🇨🇦

Ben Heidorn

Neon District 🇨🇦

Ameer Rosic

Blockgeeks 🇨🇦

Rhonda Edlridge

CryptoChicks 🇧🇸

Kevin Weiler

XYO 🇺🇸

Chelsea Palmer

Carpe Lunam Events 🇺🇸

Ananya Chadha

Blockchain X BCI 🇨🇦

Ariba Rajput

TKS 🇨🇦

Elena Sinelnikova

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Toni Caradonna

Porini Foundation 🇨🇭

Victor Cucos

3Commas 🇨🇦

Alex Bazhanau

Bloqboard 🇺🇸

Natalia Ameline

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Erick Pinos

Ontology 🇺🇸

Anu Bhardwaj

Women INVESTING in Women DIGITA 🇺🇸

Noah Marconi

Tag Innovation 🇨🇦

Olga Plokhuta

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Natalia Hearn

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Audrey Nesbitt

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Christine O'Dell

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Rahul Raina

Microsoft Canada 🇨🇦

Amber D Scott

Outlier Solutions 🇨🇦

Pavel Sinelnikov

Seneca 🇨🇦

Irina Lebedeva

CryptoChicks 🇷🇺

Matthew Ikle

SingularityNet 🇭🇰

Andrei Sinelnikov

CryptoChicks 🇨🇦

Jerry Qian

Bitcoin Bay 🇨🇦

Alishba Imran

TKS 🇨🇦

Medha Parlikar

CasperLabs 🇺🇸

Jefferson Gardner

InBridge 🇨🇦

Adrienne Batra

Toronto Sun 🇨🇦

Emma Todd

MMH Blockchain 🇨🇦

Mel Vera

Blockchain Education Network 🇺🇸

Vandana Taxali

ArtCryption 🇨🇦

Jesse Abramowitz

BlockXLabs 🇨🇦

Stas Zlobinski

Hedgie 🇨🇦